Palos Verdes, California

I am on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, twenty-five miles from downtown L.A., and immediately behind me is the Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles: Mostly men with tucked-in shirts, focusing on the ball. To get here, from Long Beach, we passed mile after mile of shipping containers, thousands of them, piled Lego-like beneath giant, idle cranes. The solutions to so many problems are locked in these steel boxes. But here, as long as you don’t turn around, nothing matters.

This lighthouse sits on Point Vicente, named after Friar Vicente of Mission Buena Ventura. Captain George Vancouver did the naming in 1790.

As we walked the beach, we looked up. On my birthday, in 1999, a big chunk of the 18th-hole fairway slid into the Pacific Ocean. Thus, the former Ocean Trails Golf Club was a distressed property when the current developer bought it.

13 thoughts on “Palos Verdes, California”

  1. Thanks for shari g Spyro! Continue on your various exciting adventures and discoveries!

    Cheers to you both!

    514 9944433


  2. Oops, that earlier comment was just supposed to be an email reply to you. Duh! You’d think I’d know how this works by now.
    Love the lighthouse photo. Shot with your camera?
    I look forward to reading more! I always enjoy your take on wherever you are.


  3. So cool, love the history and the black and white pics! What are you doing in California?

    Hope you guys are well and enjoying some R&R.

    Sitting on my deck watching and listening to the sporadic showers. I’m flying home April 23rd. Looking forward to getting the house closed down, packing done and relaxing a bit before my departure. I am golfed out and ready to work out in the gym or sit by the pool!

    My brother Ray came last week with my niece Julie. They leave tomorrow to drive back to Montreal. I’m anxious to get my house back!!

    Love you guys, Mur ❤️🏌️‍♀️🌴❤️

    Sent from my iPad



  4. I enjoyed your description. Please keep them coming.

    It also answers the question – where in the world is Spyro ?



    1. Thanks, Michael. Yes, you’ve now solved the puzzle. Part of me wishes I was with you at track…finally. But that’s a very small part. Hope to see you on a Saturday or Monday or Wednesday at some point.


  5. Lenore and I were travelling to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello when we happened upon the Trump Winery with a crazy back story about how it had been acquired for pennies on the dollar. It was the summer of 2016, before the impossible happened. Of course we went inside to have a look. A good percentage of the wine display shelves had been repurposed to feature MAGA hats. We know how many of those ended up in circulation in the months (and years) ahead. A smart business man would surely have had those shipped in containers. From China, China, China . . . .

    Thanks for writing.


    1. I remember that story from back when, Gerry. Not sure if I’m repeating myself, but the golf course cost $264M to build, makig it the most expensive golf course in history. But when it came time to pay county taxes, the proprietor submitted an evaluation of $100M. I put the story in, then took it out because it was too easy: shooting fish in a barrel. We’re over that Putin-lover.


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