Cape Cod


I wrote a short story a while back about a father and his son, and titled it Cape Cod. Vacations, which allow for some escape from ordinary routine, sometimes create the conditions for extraordinary events.

I hope you like the story. You can link to it from the title above, or go directly to the “Stories” menu on my blog and binge on all of them.

7 thoughts on “Cape Cod”

  1. Thank you, Claudia. Someone just told me it’s a cruel story. I suppose it is, and I wondered if it might be off-putting. Not that it would change anything.


  2. So good to re-visit this story. Such a profound sense of helplessness, sadness and injustice eats at us and touches us deeply. Some of us more.
    Thanks for the kids lined up on the floor on their bellies like the day’s catch of fish… Beautiful. You the man!


  3. Cue the magical “young Patrick” from the screen adaptation of E. St. Aubyn’s novels for the film version. Difficult but great. Thank you.


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