The Empire Matinée — a new story


A couple of weeks ago, on Facebook, a woman remarked that she recognized the street signs on my blog’s masthead photo. They’re attached to the building she used to live in many years ago. She also remarked that across the street stood the Imperial Cinema.

As it happens, I was at that time wrestling with a short story that, in part, takes place in the Imperial. So here is that story. It’s called The Empire Matinée, and I hope you like it.


12 thoughts on “The Empire Matinée — a new story”

  1. I was there! I saw the movie. It was a moment I’ll never forget. I also remember the non ethnic population of Park Ex. I always wondered were they came from and what they were doing there. I looked upon them with awe and respect. Great, rich memories Spyro. I can smell and taste them.


  2. It’s a great story, and Spyro, I’m a lot older than you are, and am amazed how you have captured those years, long before yours, so well. The Cinema (a block away from where I lived) the Butterick patterns, the whole courting process that was common with young people then. Even the Piggery. The Dominion Store. Thank you so much!


    1. I don’t know about a lot older; we’ll have to compare birth certificates at some point. Thank you for the careful reading and the comments. Much appreciated.


  3. Most engaging and vivid Spyro. This is such a rich story, I need to reread it. I too remember seeing Hard Day’s Night, but in Ottawa. If I recall correctly, it was on a double bill with Born Free ( the lion movie). Go figure.


    1. Born Free, now there’s a pairing with A Hard Day’s Night. I remember the song that went with the movie. I also remember double bills. We now call that binge-watching. Thank you for liking the story and even more for the impulse to re-read.


  4. What a wonderfully engaging and powerful story Spyro. I loved every moment of it. I remember seeing the Beatles “Help” in a theatre downtown and the atmosphere of mayhem. The usher needed to expel a few out of control and hysterical girls. How can you even attempt to explain this phenomenon to your kids? Thanks for this beautifully written story.


  5. I was introduced to the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, watching TV with the family on Sunday night. It was not the same experience unfortunately.


    1. No: small black and white screen, in the living room with the parents, versus big black and white screen in a darkened 500-seat theatre filled with screaming kids. Very different. I would have liked to know someone who saw the Beatles at the old Forum. Now that must have been something.


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